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Giclée print with deep matte finish

Available in two framable sizes: 8" x 10"  and 11" x 14"


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*International orders, please email me your order by listing your print title, size and mailing address. I will respond with total price and payment options. 


This painting is the third installment of the Walk With Me Series. It captures different ways in which we are invited to walk with God and see how He has walked with us.  Each Giclée will come with a printed version of the title below. 


Note from the artist:

When I finished each painting in this series I invited you all to share your title suggestions, thoughts or verses that came to mind. I was so moved by each one I felt that they all needed to be included into a collaborative title somehow.  I’ve taken all of your words and put them together to convey the fullest expression of each work. Thank you for being a part of the words that flow through this series. I hope that this becomes an ongoing prayer and a blessing for you as you walk with Him.


Walk with Me: Painting III

Jessie DeCorsey 2024


Walk with me, even if all you can call out to me is Lord.  I carry you close to my heart, so let me carry you through this. Walk humbly with me by surrendering all of your burdens and laying them at my feet. I come down to you, can you perceive me? 


I know your pain. Your pain is my pain.  Be astonished, have reverence and weep no more. The lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David is triumphant.  Give to me all your insecurity for you are in security with me.


I walk before you, with you and behind you in the valleys. In everything my love is with you. Through the depths continue to walk by faith for I am El Roi – The God Who Sees. Follow me for I know everything that you need every step of the way. I am your protector and redeemer and I carried it all to the cross so you wouldn’t have to.


Take comfort in this – although it may feel unexpected to meet with me in the valley, just remember that I am with you.  You have nothing to fear. You will find my comfort even in the darkest of places. Even then. Yes even in the darkest valley, allow my rod and staff to comfort you. I am with you. You are with me too.


Hold on. Let me carry this load. Keep standing and keep moving forward through the storms, the sorrows and the suffering. Even then, I am with you. Even then, I am sovereign. Even then, you can continue to believe in me. Into the pit I will walk with you where others fear to tread. My sovereignty is all you need – for all things bow down to the King. You do not have to fear any evil. Lay aside all things that weigh you down or make you stumble. Run with endurance for the battle ahead of you has already been marked out. Come and worship, let’s gather in my majesty. My glory is yours. All courage and strength belong to you.


I am the one who feels and knows your pain for I was myself rejected and despised, a man of suffering familiar with your affliction. Gethsemane - the place of my grief and sorrow.  Where He leads me I will follow.


Friend. Reflect and surrender your affliction for thou art with you. I carefully go before you with intention and precision. I have a pathway that I have placed there. The valley is for passing through; it’s not your destination. Move with me, look at your feet and I will be a lamp unto them. Keep going. Keep trusting. Keep walking step by step. Let’s pass through this together.



Walk With Me Painting III - Giclée Print

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