Jessie, a wife and mother to four, was born and raised in the mid-west and grew up with a deep appreciation of the arts.  Her mother, a talented artist, owned and operated a small framing gallery which greatly impacted Jessie's journey in pursuing the arts professionally.  She received her undergraduate degree in fine arts from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2007 where she studied drawing, painting, and art history.

For the past thirteen years, Jessie has been painting stories of the Bible in a modern context.  A passion that began as a quest to better understand scripture and how she could see herself through its divine revelations.  In 2010 she launched a photography business in addition to her art and is currently the artist in residence at Luther Seminary, MN where she is working towards an MA in the Bible. 

Jessie exhibits her work throughout the state of Minnesota.  Please contact her directly if you want more information on exhibitions or would like to inquire on featuring or publishing her work.  

About the Artist