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In this next episode of Talk With Me, I'm chatting with Matt Beckenham. One of his teachings that I come back to time and time again is how "love is measured by presence." What does that mean to you? I love how Matt shares this revelation and his heart from his own experiences as a church leader and in his own life.

I can't wait for you to check out this conversation. Matt and Trish are the founders of Greater Things International, a faith filled community dedicated to helping people understand their identity and walk in the fullness they were created for. Matt has 20 years of pastoral and ministry experience and is a teacher, speaker and the author of Eden's Blueprint and more! To find out more you can head to

Facebook: Greater Things International

In this episode of Talk With Me, I am sitting with Dr. Jim Wilder. I first came across Jim's work as a neurotheologian in 2018 as I embarked on a journey in understanding trauma and inner healing. His books like Renovated, Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You, The Other Half of Church, and Joyful Journey helped give me an understanding of how our brains were created for relational joy and restoration.

Growing up as a missionary in Columbia, Jim saw first hand the results of trauma from extreme violence. His passion and education in theology and clinical psychology led him around the world working with people deemed 'untreatable.' He has specialized in making trauma and recovery models that could be brought into war stained countries to equip people who are trained leaders to those with no education whatsoever. In 2023, he and his team brought the Life Model skills for resilience and trauma recovery to four regions of Ukraine.

Jim has been training leaders and counselors for over 30 years on five continents, founder of Life Model Works, author of 19 books that teach the importance of relational joy for recovery, healing and thriving.

Visit to learn more.

For months I have been dreaming of having conversations with the people that played a part in Walk With ME.

I'm starting a small series of great conversations called, Talk With Me, I want to share with you some of the most influential voices that brought me insight into living a life outside of striving, perfectionism and performance. What does this look like in our faith, our relationship with God, others or even ourselves.

One of the people that helped me on my journey in answering this question was Chris Coursey. In this conversation, I share the moment Chris helped me work through something I was wrestling with in this area of feeling like I needed to always know the 'right' thing to do. This often turned into seasons of fear, overwhelm and burnout, leaving little room for joy and connection.

Chris Coursey is an ordained pastoral counselor, international speaker and the author of several books that offer helpful and simple tools and essential skills to stay relational and joy-filled. These books include The Joy Switch, The Four Habits of Joy-Filled Marriage, The 4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids, and his latest book The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People. I can't recommend them enough. Chris carries a heart and passion to see people thrive. He and his wife Jen run THRIVEtoday, where they spread hope that comes from relational transformation by teaching the 19 relational skills through training and education opportunities.

To learn more visit


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