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Three Floods

Paperback Book

Written by Matt Beckenham

Illustrated by Jessie DeCorsey

Three Floods: The Shipbuilder of Enoch  is the first installment of a fictional story on the life of the biblical Noah. It follows the life of Noah through the lens of an eagle called Eagle. This is a story that allows us into the everyday world of a man who lived thousands of years ago. It unpacks major themes of loss, grief, evil, relationships, love, connection, and healing. Through many fictional characters, Noah's life builds to become the man who would one day build an ark that would save his family and many of the animals from a worldwide flood.


"I have never met anyone who reveals the heart of the Father as easily,

beautifully, powerfully and personally as Matt does. Three Floods is

an outpouring of this deep well of encounter, revelation and wisdom

that Matt so naturally imparts from his own life, experience and love

for others. Through one of the most unique literary expressions of

prophetic fiction this modern day parable brings to life a famous biblical

story and fills it with description, detail, imagination, inspiration and

characters that enable us to connect in a brand new way with such a

familiar narrative, while simultaneously discovering a life transforming

revelation of how the Father sees us, knows us, created us and continually

woos us, awakening every reader to the voice of the Father and uniting

closer to the heart of love and indescribable grace of God himself."

Natalie Fuller


Three Floods by Matt Beckenham - Paperback

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