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Three Trees

Paperback Book

Written by Matt Beckenham

Illustrated by Jessie DeCorsey

Three Trees is a reimagining of the Eden story. Come on a journey with Eagle, the one entrusted to watch over Adam and his family. The story flows to Adam's sons, Cain and Abel, and creates a story around their lives. The author, Matt Beckenham, unpacks the great themes of love, restoration, freedom from shame, and healing. He uses his own story to help us see the lives of the ancients who had to deal with many of the challenges that occur in the relationships of our own life and with God. He takes us back to understand our original design and invites us to live from that place.


"I don't think there has ever been a greater need than right now for new parables to help us contextualize the Bible in our modern day. What Matt has done through this rich narrative, divinely rooted in scripture, allows us to walk directly into the heart of the Father.  As we follow the characters and their time with the Designer, we are finding ourselves sitting at the table, feasting on the revelations of this fictional masterpiece. Matt’s ability to take biblical themes and express them through his own life and journey, shapes and forms characters that come off of the pages and into our own stories. Not only are the characters relatable but as they face challenges and grow in their relationships towards one another and their Creator, so do we. 


Matt’s creative approach to re-imagining the story of Adam and Eve and their departure from Eden invites us into a new world of thought-provoking concepts and perspectives.  Not only does he open up new conversations within the Old Testament, but he craftily weaves in fundamental truths from the New Testament as well. This gives us a fresh, comprehensive approach to the scripture that will leave a legacy in the hearts of every reader that comes across its path."  


- Jessie DeCorsey 


Three Trees by Matt Beckenham - Paperback

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