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Giclée print with deep matte finish

Available in two framable sizes: 8" x 10"  and 11" x 14"


*price includes shipping and sales tax. 

*International orders, please email me your order by listing your print title, size and mailing address. I will respond with total price and payment options. 


This painting is the fourth installment of the Walk With Me Series. It captures different ways in which we are invited to walk with God and see how He has walked with us.  Each Giclée will come with a printed version of the title below. 


Note from the artist:

When I finished each painting in this series I invited you all to share your title suggestions, thoughts or verses that came to mind. I was so moved by each one I felt that they all needed to be included into a collaborative title somehow.  I’ve taken all of your words and put them together to convey the fullest expression of each work. Thank you for being a part of the words that flow through this series. I hope that this becomes an ongoing prayer and a blessing for you as you walk with Him.


Walk with Me: Painting IV


Walk with me as one. There is no fear, only peace in my presence and majesty. Heed my instruction and commune with me. Touch and see that I am good. Thy rod and thy staff are a comfort, for I leave my peace with you.  Let me comfort you, and surrender all to Immanuel – God with us.  Reach out your hand to me, grab hold of me and be made whole with me.


Behold, the lion and the lamb. Press in and come near and I will give to you understanding. My thoughts are not your thoughts and my ways are not your ways, come higher. There is a place for deep connection and intimacy as you draw near me in presence, honor and surrender. Be one with me and receive the peace of the Lord. Be still, cease striving for I have called you by name and you are mine.


Come away with me. I am not a tame lion. No!  I am fierce but there is no fear in drawing near to my presence. Be still and know. Seek me with all of your heart for I am with you, always with you. I restore your soul and make you lie down in green pastures. I lead you beside still waters and refresh all the weariness of your soul.


You were made for relationship with me, my beloved, draw near to the king of your heart. I am the path of life and in my presence I will fill you with joy. And by my right hand, every eternal pleasing thing will be given to you. This is walking with me in alignment - trusting. My peace is yours forevermore. 


Lie down; rest for it is already finished.  A quiet confidence is found here with the lion and the lamb. My sheep know my voice and I am calling you all to draw near. It is finished and you can approach me with boldness. Be near and receive the mercy and grace of my redeeming love. Let me lavish it on you. You are chosen, you are beloved, you are anointed, and you are mine. Reach out and connect with me in a whole new way.

Walk With Me Painting IV - Giclée Print

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