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Walk With Me - Painting I

Here it is! Thank you for all of your suggestions, words, titles, scripture and being a part of this.

Walk with Me: Painting I

“Walk with me, in obedience and courage. Your dedication moves my heart. Keep your eyes on me and focus. Come alongside me and be in step with my divine power and grace. Remember that you are wearing the full armor of God – be fierce, fearless and mighty. Onward we walk, stepping forward together. Remember that you can do all things through me, I will give you strength.

Follow me, even into uncomfortable places, and like a protective parent there will be safety walking in line with me wherever your feet tread. Stand firm, focused and determined for you are covered. I am with thee. Pray and seek my kingdom. I will lead you, for you are forever in my sights. You are never alone.  Trust me and take the first step. I will guide your feet into the way of peace. For I am always beside you - keep your eyes on me. I am at your right hand and you will not be shaken.

Walk with me, join my stride.  I’ve got your back and together we will move forward. Keep your eyes on the prize.  It’s me and you. For I am steadfast and together we will walk in truth, in trust and in faith. I am the King of Kings, the Lion of Judah. Don’t be afraid for I am here to guide and walk with you. Come join me and become one. Focus your eyes on me with intentionality. Fear will lead you astray, do not be afraid. Have the courage to stand beside me and let me be your strength. Onward.

In your weakness I will give you my strength. I am your protector, follow me. Walk with me. Walk within me. Come.

Yes, I know the way. Unwavering courage is my name –royal, fearless and faithful. I will inspire your spirit with my kingly love. A love that leads. Yes, I am the lion of Judah, be still and know. Let me reveal my fierce strength to you as we take one step at a time. This is life with the king, step into freedom. Watch and learn that there is power in the blood. In my covenant and promise. You are never alone. Look upon my face and into my eyes and you will find your purpose. Follow my lead, the King of Kings, and be rooted in my love and who I have called you to be. Come beside me in the storms and let me be the God of your strength, your Elohay Mauzi. I am within you, roaring like a lion and fully alive. I walk with you.

Draw closer to me with each new day. Take ahold of me with your hand and be at peace and full of confidence, let me show you who I am. The dark tries to consume the light but the light always shines brightly within. Rest in the assurance that I am the light of the world. Walk with me.

Note from the artist:

When I finished each painting in this series I invited you all to share your title suggestions, thoughts or verses that came to mind. I was so moved by each one I felt that they all needed to be included into a collaborative title somehow.  I’ve taken all of your words and put them together to convey the fullest expression of each work. Thank you for being a part of the words that flow through this series. I hope that this becomes an ongoing prayer and a blessing for you as you walk with Him.


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