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Walk With Me - Painting Series

This painting series came after discovering ways in which I felt the Lord present with me throughout the years. Each image captures a different piece of His heart. To me the image of the lion represents the glory, the strength, the love, the majesty and the faithfulness of God. But even then, there are so many other words to describe His presence. Which is why I have invited the community to share what they think each painting should be entitled.

Another piece to this series that I have yet to unveil is that it is coming from my first book that I have been working on for the last year and a half. It’s title is Walk With Me and it carries a message that I wanted to convey through these painted images.

Lion Paintings, Christian Artwork
Walk With Me Painting #1, by Jessie DeCorsey

Lion Art, Christian Artist
Walk With Me Painting #2, by Jessie DeCorsey


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