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Walk With Me Painting V

I love each title so much. They have become devotionals for my heart as I read them again and again. I hope you have all enjoyed them as well.

Walk with Me: Painting V

Walk with me, Immanuel. I am with you. And as one who walks with a lion by their side, you have nothing to fear.

Be fearless for I, the King of Kings, am your mighty protector. I have your back at all times. I am your rescuer in your times of trouble.

All children of God follow me, and I will confidently lead and guide you on my path. And when you think you are out of sight, see that I am your divine pursuer.  When you need rescue I am coming for you. Your enemies will flee before me and tremble at my coming. They will see me coming on the clouds of recompense.  My children, I am coming for you. Not one of you will be lost. I am coming. I will leave the ninety-nine for you.

I am your rescuer, always chasing after you with protection abounding. I am your proud defender obedient to the chase. This is the heart of the lion and the king who is mighty to save. Redemption is yours so be courageous and unafraid. You are my prize!

The majestic King is all powerful, walk fiercely with faith into your divine destiny. For the Lord of all runs after you. Your defender is coming in a holy pursuit and His eyes are fixed on His beloved and He will run past everything to get to His bride. This is the goodness of God – fierce love.

Note from the artist:

When I finished each painting in this series I invited you all to share your title suggestions, thoughts or verses that came to mind. I was so moved by each one I felt that they all needed to be included into a collaborative title somehow.  I’ve taken all of your words and put them together to convey the fullest expression of each work. Thank you for being a part of the words that flow through this series. I hope that this becomes an ongoing prayer and a blessing for you as you walk with Him.


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