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Walk With Me Painting VII

Here it is, the final painting with its collaborative title. What a powerful experience it has been to sit with all of your words and allow them to create so much life in each painting.

Walk with Me: Painting VII

Walk with me, your gentle King. The King of your heart. It is well when you draw near to your Kingly companion. Abide in my steadfast love and we will walk fiercely forward in strength through this journey together. Take steps of strength with me, each one at a peace filled pace.

Wander with me and hear the roaming roars as we sojourn together in my strength. Dwell with me and find peace and security as I calm the storms around you. I will fight for you, be still and I will give you a steadfast stride that shall not weaken. Beloved, here is the peace of God.

Let my will be done and take hold of my reverent love.  Take hold of my peaceful contentment for it is well. And I will wait for you. I will wait. I am in no hurry. Rest in my peaceful strength. Silence is golden when you can still your mind and rest in me. Even the strong need to rest sometimes. Give me all your worries and all your troubled thoughts.

Tetelestai. It is finished. Come and find the rhythms of grace. Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it and learn from my ways. Take my yoke upon you for I am gentle and humble in heart.  Let me lighten your burden. Awesome is my peace and the kingdom of which there is no end. I am sovereign over all. Bask in the rest that I bring to you.

Breath. Be at peace. Be still. Breath. Take a full deep breath.  Let my presence fill your lungs. My ruah is life and spirit. I am the Prince of Peace, let it be well with your soul. For I declare my goodness and favor over you. It is good. Very good! For I declare my goodness over you.

In the beginning when I saw everything I made, it was indeed very good.  Know that my goodness and mercies and my unfailing love are yours for all the days of your life.  

Note from the artist:

When I finished each painting in this series I invited you all to share your title suggestions, thoughts or verses that came to mind. I was so moved by each one I felt that they all needed to be included into a collaborative title somehow.  I’ve taken all of your words and put them together to convey the fullest expression of each work. Thank you for being a part of the words that flow through this series. I hope that this becomes an ongoing prayer and a blessing for you as you walk with Him.



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