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Week 4 and Week 5

Sunday I was on Spring Break with my family. When we returned I got back to work as quick as I could.

Wednesday evening I was able to get a few hours of painting in and covered the background in a another layer to start making it shape up. It's not "finished" but its one its way.

Sunday was my 5th week of painting and it was a very special day. Mary Divine, a reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and photographer Scott Takushi, joined us at Willowbrook to see what this painting was all about. I was elated to spend the afternoon with close friends and family who came out to support the activity for the day. Half Way Done. Cant wait to continue this journey and have this painting near the final weeks. SO MUCH WORK LEFT TO DO!

Applying a "stain" layer.

To start darkening the background I added black and covered it then pulled it back off where I wanted the lighter blues to come through.

Week 4

Background has been covered and now has to dry before I can apply more paint.


Week 5

I started going back into the figures to build up detail. This process is very tedious and slow. In the two hours I painted, I was able to finish the Hair on Joseph's head.

Below Mary Divine and Scott Takushi from Pioneer Press. Thank you for coming out to watch and partake in this incredible opportunity. Mary was able to speak with onlookers and get great feedback. Scott was busy capturing all the moments that I'm so moved by every week as people surround me and watch the progress of this painting.

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